Learning @ Aavishkar

Learning Activities

1. Learning by Doing

“Openness to Out-of-the-Box thinking” drives the academic process at Aavishkar. Our curriculum is designed with a mixture of textual as well as hands on learning. Aavishkarians explore a lot of topics through Project based learning. The students do projects in school for each subject and present them in the form of Presentations, Art work, Booklets, Models, Comic Strips, Experiments and many more. For every topic that is being studied they get involved in the activity designed specifically for the content.

2. Educational Tours

Having an Educational Tour allows students to bond with classmates, learn a concept practically, explore the world outside and gain a new perspective on the ever changing world. When on trip, Aavishkarians observe minutely, question their surroundings, share their learning through reports and illustrations.

They are taken for educational visits to a strata of places namely Science City, ISRO, Radio Station, Indroda Park, Kankaria Zoo, Museums, etc; all year around for 360 degree learning.

3. Worskhops and Seminars

Regular workshops are conducted for the staff and the students throughout the year to keep them abreast with the latest teaching learning processes. The workshops cover a variety of topics which help a teacher to develop inter personal as well as intrapersonal aspects.

The students learn alot through these workshops to foster advances in the areas of study concerning topics like Save the Birds to Career Counselling; the topics which help them to become a better citizens of the world.

Co Academic Program

1. Joy of Giving

Every year Aavishkarians undertake a project; proceedings from which a large share goes to the underprivileged children of the nearby area. Right from growing spinach to donating prize money of Khel Mahakumbh, from putting up food stalls to donate their Blessing money; our students make it a point to contribute to society.

2. Interhouse Competitions

Aavishkarians witness myriads of activities that are conducted for Grades 1 to 12. The various Inter-House Competitions are pre-planned for the entire year and are conducted month-wise to accumulate the points.

Whether it is the individual Poem Recitation or Poster Making, Handwriting, Creative writing, or Debate, the activities help to bring out the uniqueness of each individual. The winners are awarded certificates and the winner House gets the House Trophy.

3. Events and Celebrations

At Aavishkar, celebrations like Navratri, Janmashtami, Kaleidoscope (annual function), Dance Party, Independence Day, echo with children’s laughter and joyous sounds. The beautiful smiles and sparkling eyes make the celebrations worth celebrating.

4. Interschool Competitions

We motivate our children to participate in Academic and Co Academic Interschool Competitions across the year. We participate in National Olympiads (Science, Math, English, Cyber), International Spell Bee, Rangotsav, Khel Mahakumbh, Heritage Fest, etc along with the competitions organized by other schools too.

5. Creativity Corner

Creative classrooms can transform the way students acquire education and how they apply it in their real life. Keeping this in mind, at Aavishkar our students get ample opportunities to showcase their artistic skills.

Beyond Classroom

1. Circle Time

At Aavishkar, preschoolers have circle time wherein they discuss happenings in their tiny world, and few concepts like day, date, weather, values, role models, etc are taken in the form of an informal discussion.

2. Assemblies

The morning assembly is held daily at Aavishkar and is an integral part of the school curriculum. The activities in the morning assembly include prayer, hymns, thoughts, news, amazing facts, students talk (on famous personalities), and the national anthem.

3. Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is an event to share glimpses of the artistic extracurricular activities happening at Aavishkar ranging from dances to skits to model displays as props. The themes are always well thought of encompassing topics like Around the World, Navras, Back to School, Marathon to Moon, etc.

4. Sports Day

The opening ceremony comprises of well synchronised March Past, Torch relay felicitating the achievers of the year, and innovative drills by young Aavishkarians. Every year we are fortunate enough to have esteemed Chief Guests as ACP Mini Joseph (Mahila Crime Cell), ACP Panna Momaya, Devendra Singh (Para Olympic Winner), to name a few.

5. InSight

The students display their creative, scientific and aesthetic talent through this exhibition. Every year we have different themes ranging from stories weaved from across the continents to focussing different eras of our country, to showcase the skills that our children are acquiring over the years.