Educational Program


Our goal at Aavishkar is to offer our children a dynamic and caring environment. A well researched learning methodology steadily takes children from informal education to formal education. The early years of learning are all about fun, engagement and skill building.

  • Learning Program
  • The Pre-Primary learning program at Aavishkar is unique in nature. It has inbuilt opportunities for self- expression and exploration for the little ones. The child centric learning is at the core of the learning program. Every child participates in the learning process using various mediums like monthly presentations, story telling, rhyme recitation, etc. The learning program is mentored by experts from ECCE domain, the learning content and methodologies are standardised. The content encourages recognition, comprehension and application. The usage of TLMs ensures concept clarity and enhances their retention.

  • Amazing Learning Spaces
  • The learning spaces at Aavishkar are positive , interactive and fun filled. They are exposed to metamorphosis while wandering in the butterfly park and appreciate the dignity of labour by growing vegetables in the veggie patch. The designated Innovation Time consists of Expert Talk and hands on learning. We have the Kid Fit Zone which builds on their physical endurance and enhances their gross motor skills. It ranges from dribbling of a ball to walking a zig zag path. The classrooms have air -conditioning systems equipped with varied learning resources and ergonomic furniture; all adding up to create a wonderful experience. Being extremely young, the tiny tots need to vent out the energy within them. Our play zones are perfectly equipped for energy-bursts activities.

  • My Day at School
  • The usual but exciting day at Aavishkar Preschool starts with the funfilled circle time wherein children talk their heart out. This is followed by an outdoor play time along with the morning prayer.The teacher then starts either with a new concept or does recapitulation of the previous topic. The written part is always accompanied with hands on learning activities. We believe that wellness and health are key to over all development of our children. Introducing them to healthy eating, timely routines and inculcating a habit of sharing and caring is what the eating sessions are all about at Aavishkar. Along with the academics, they do have music, dance and sports session for the overall development of the child. The day ends with a general conversation and long goodbyes!

  • Field Trips
  • The field trips and outdoor visits are a natural extensions to the learning curriculum. The kindergarteners enjoy a variety of visits which are in sync with their curriculum. For the concept of vegetables, they have a visit to the vegetable mart and actually indulge in buying vegetables. Information about animals is given through a farm visit while diversity in India is taught through a visit to temple,church and gurudwara. The other visits include an ice cream factory, fire station, Sundarvan, etc.

  • Celebrations
  • Beautifully clad kindergarteners with Happy Smiles on their faces makes our campus absolutely unique during festival celebrations. The students learn the significance of each festival, the manner of celebration, take – aways and much more. The festivities at Aavishkar triggers off the progression of child’s acquaintance with celebration of important days and learning associated with the same. They begin to associate traditions, customs and ways of celebration with each festival. They also learn to socialize, enjoy and stay happy.


    The Primary Years Program invites young curious learners to the world of exploration, experience and lots of interaction. It lays the foundation for various subjects that our little Aavishkarians are going to pursue as they grow. Language building, exposure to numeracy , experimenting with science, enjoying dance and music and exposure to multiple sports defines the overall framework of the Primary Years Program.


    The Secondary Years Program at Aavishkar School enables our young Aavishkarians to identify their areas of interest and guides them to channelise their energy and time towards the same. With the academic program now taking a more formal shape, the students begin to relate their subject options with the higher education they wish to pursue. Experienced educators ensure that our students strike a right balance between academics, co-academics and grooming programs.

    Senior Secondary

    Higher Secondary Education stage is crucial as it serves as a gateway to a successful life ahead. The students need to have a well-rounded, happy experience at school so that they can learn independently, develop resilience, confidence and maturity before stepping out into the world. Aavishkar School provides students the opportunity to identify their areas of strength and pursue an academic programme that is best suited to their learning style, inclination, and which is aligned with their long-term goals. The aim is to give the learner a sound foundation in conceptual knowledge and in the skills of application, analysis and high order thinking.

    The curriculum shifts its emphasis from general to core subjects. The concepts in different disciplines are dealt in depth and with rigour. This is a stage where students identify their subjects of interest for future learning and get a better understanding of their career path. Thus, at this stage, they are well informed about the selection of subjects and streams of their choices and aptitude.

    The students appearing for board exams are guided in their preparations through continuous evaluation in the form of various tests. Field trips, workshops and guest lectures becomes the focal point for connecting them and bringing expertise to their reach. Leadership training is imparted through formation of Student Council. The students also demonstrate initiative by leading assemblies, organizing events, taking the lead on Community Outreach programmes and working on extended projects. The co-curricular activities include sports and exposure to inter house cultural, fine arts and oratorical events. Career guidance counselling sessions are held from time to time ensuring constant support.