Literary Centre

The full-fledged library at Aavishkar propels the learner to a world of exploration and excitement with a vast variety of books ranging from storybooks, poetry books, novels to encyclopedias. It also showcases a lot of activities being done with the children like book reviews, bookmark making, Reader of the month, etc.

Math Lab

Math Lab focuses on developing interest in Math and understanding basic concepts and formulae through a play-way method. It is an activity center with various Math TLMs and interactive materials that helps in learning Maths easily.

Science Lab

The Science laboratory is fully equipped to conduct Physics, Biology and Chemistry experiments. It generates inquisitiveness, curiosity and develops scientific temper in children.


The Dance Studio is operated by a full-time dance faculty, who inspires children to dance gracefully in various styles.

Musical Solace

To ensure the children’s overall growth, we expose them to a variety of musical experiences ranging from instrumental to vocal.

Art Studio

At Aavishkar we ensure that every child gets engrossed in the Art and Craft activities. We also conduct a lot of Art Competitions to motivate and inspire our young Picassos!

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab enables them to appreciate the hardware aspect of technology and its applications. Introducing children to the fast-changing world of Information Technology.

Specifically Designed Play Zones

Learning happens effectively when we have games that are connected to the concepts. We have Ankidyne games designed specifically to teach concepts like friction, force, etc.

Open Classrooms

At Aavishkar, the beautiful landscape amidst nature is a class liked by all. The natural surroundings of the open classroom help to foster imagination and creativity.


School buses managed by trained staff ensures that the students are not only safe but also enjoy Bus Rides. GPRS enabled control mechanisms to ensure that every vehicle is under due surveillance.

Wellness Centre

Aavishkar School has a fully equipped medical center at its campus empowered by qualified staff.